CTO Services

 Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Services

For Established Companies
If you’ve got smart people in your business, but none are focused on keeping up with technology, you’re missing an opportunity that your competition is taking advantage of. CTO services bring you the value of a CTO, without a CTO’s price tag. As a consulting CTO, we advise CEOs of mid-cap companies, fast-growth companies, and startups.We bring C-level strategy to your technology planning and projects.

  • We understand business, and we take your perspective
  • We ask you questions that you haven’t considered
  • We open possibilities that you didn’t know existed
  • We solve your problems and achieve your goals effectively and efficiently
  • Our work with other clients gives us more creativity for our work on your projects
  • In the end, your company will be more competitive and profitable for having worked with us

For Startups and Growth Companies
If you lead a startup, a staff CTO is probably too expensive during your early months or even years. Outsourcing makes this crucial role affordable. We provide the technical expertise and leadership to improve your company’s odds of success.

Here are some of the CTO services we can provide your startup:

  • Set the company’s technology direction
  • Determine the most effective technology to meet the company’s business goals
  • Lead development operations
  • Lead product development
  • Lead technology recruiting
  • Meet with potential customers or funders to discuss your technology

Consider us your technology partner. We work with your technology team, or bring our own team. We provide product developers, mobile and web app developers, and other website services.

It all starts with a free technology assessment. Schedule a call here.