Software Engineering

For CTOs, we’re a┬ábackup software engineering team. For startups, we’re an affordable outsourced software engineering department that will build your app on a custom leasing agreement. For both growth companies and established companies, we’re a sensible way to obtain high-quality software engineering without wasting dollars on increased overhead.

  • We offer strategic planning to find the best technology solutions.
  • Plus hands and heads to produce and deliver those solutions.
  • We can operate autonomously, with little guidance and oversight.
  • Or you can bring us in house, as part of your direct report team.
  • Our job is to help you exceed expectations, and bring a new level of respect to your role.

Development Operations (DevOps)
Applications get written by multiple engineers, then they must be maintained. For Ruby on Rails and iOS, we’re your DevOps team. We handle your security patches, customer issues, and a variety of ongoing maintenance tasks. Because maintenance does not require the same level of engineering as software development, you save money by not over-allocating your talent pool.