We create competitive advantage through software

Allied Code is your reliable, efficient resource for:

  • Developing, updating and maintaining custom websites and mobile apps
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) services
  • Assembling, assessing, and leading high-performance tech teams
  • Helping business leaders develop their audiences, brands, and products

Website, app, and software development

  • For CTOs, we’re a backup software engineering team.
  • For startups, we’re an affordable outsourced software engineering department.
  • For growth companies and established companies, we’re a sensible way to obtain high-quality software without risking dollars on increased overhead.

We cover the spectrum of website, app and software development: brainstorming, research, ideation, specification, design, programming, documentation, testing, bug fixes, maintenance, and updates.

Ruby on Rails Maintenance

Allied Code provides a fixed price Ruby on Rails Maintenance package for companies with Rails based web applications.

If you are tired of paying high fees to your developer or are not getting a satisfactory response when requesting minor updates or changes, you will love our maintenance package.

Our Ruby on Rails Maintenance Package focuses on providing security, site speed, and development continuity of your web application.  And, we include time to make site tweaks and development in our fixed price.  

Whats included?

  • Up to 10 hours of development/tweaks/changes/bug fixes per month
  • Site Deployments
  • Security Patches
  • Platform Updates to enable future development capability


Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Leadership

Allied Code provides highly qualified, business savvy software development and operations executives to companies that rely on custom software applications. Fractional Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Leadership enables businesses to develop and operate custom software solutions without a full-time CTO.

Tech team formation, assessment, and leadership

Building a high-performance team isn’t easy in any area of your business. But if you aren’t an expert in their area, it’s impossible.

  • We assess the technical, team-building, and leadership skills of each team member.
  • We ensure you have the right people on your technology bus, and that everyone occupies the right seat.
  • As needed, we train existing team members, and locate and assess new team members.
  • Finally, we lead the team to achieve the results you need, efficiently and effectively.

Brand, Product, and Team Workshops

We offer three workshops that help you ensure you business is heading in the right direction and operating optimally. The Brand Clarity Workshop helps you define who you are by gaining clarity on your corporate or product brands. The Ideation Workshop helps you fully explore what you offer by leading you through intellectual development of new products. And the Agile Workshop helps your team function effectively and efficiently by teaching agile principles.

Why clients love us

Business Minded

Allied Code founder, Troy Anderson, is one of the rare individuals with expertise in both business and tech. As a former international golf resort development executive, he understands leadership and team dynamics. As a high-level software developer, he can clearly communicate business goals to technology teams. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Idea Developers

Many good software and app ideas must be developed into great ideas. To help this process, we have workshops that guide you through product ideation, brand clarity, and agile methodology. It’s a myth that first-to-market products dominate. Successful companies and products tend to build and improve upon existing ideas.

Mobile First

We take a mobile-first approach to all software, apps, and website projects. We begin with a review of your digital faces to the world, then develop an action plan to ensure you look and function well on mobile.

U.S. Based

Allied Code is 100% U.S. based, with none of the security risks, communications problems, and project delays common with offshore software development.


Agile Methodology has revolutionized not just software development, but business in general. It enables teams to move quickly, stay in close collaboration, and develop products that get to market quickly and evolve to meet customer needs.


Troy is now our outsourced CTO. It’s been great to benefit from Troy’s vast knowledge of IT and software, and also his business experience.

Dan Laux

CEO, Driver Alliance

Working with Troy is easy and enjoyable. He has a passion for software, and has proved himself a master at software development.

Joe Michels

CEO, Software Ops LLC

Troy is absolutely trustworthy and extremely competent. In all his dealings, he is always prompt and courteous. I recommend him.

Peter Moriarty

CEO, Prismic Pharmaceuticals

Troy’s business experience adds real value to his work. He always thinks through and troubleshoots projects before they begin.

Mick Rich

Nominee, U.S. Senate



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