We believe coding is a craft, not a commodity.

It takes many disciplines to create a great product.  We all have a desire to contribute to something greater.  Our unique talents, unleashed, are a powerful force.  We have helped businesses develop superior Ruby on Rails and iOS Apps.

We free people to do their thing.

Creating great products requires superior innovation, iteration, and execution.  When people are asked to perform outside their talents areas, they are less productive, less creative, and produce inferior results.  We all need help in those areas.

A Team of Experts

Allied Code is a team of experts in iteration guidance, a practice of working with and coaching leaders or teams on business and product development, utilizing self-organizing and cross-functional teams. 

Core tenets of iteration guidance are the agile methodology, shared objectives, process and product improvements and embracing change.  Using agile, we teach visionary leaders to be good consumers of technology services and to change mindsets from fixed production iterative outcomes.

Curiosity • Creators • Agility • Determination • Knowledge

We look for people who exhibit curiosity, creativity, agility, determination, and superior knowledge — they make great clients, employees, and team members.

Agile Players and Coaches

When we are involved, we free others to create and perform in their areas of passion while we do the same.  We see business as a collection of well fitting parts working on a shared objective, communicating regularly and effectively so that the process is effective, efficient and rewarding.


  • Software team players and coaches
  • iOS App Development and Maintenance

5 Questions for you to ask Your Developer 

  • Do you have a run book?
  • Are your security patches up to date?
  • What percent of your product’s functionality is covered by automated tests?
  • Is your deployment process documented?
  • What are your practices for maintaining your code base?

Watch our video explaining these questions and why it’s important to your business to ask your developer and be satisfied with their answers.

If your business relies on custom apps or software, your risk is directly related to the answers to these 5 questions.

At Allied Code, we help teams answer these questions, stay up to date and ready for future opportunities, reducing their risk and increasing their ability manage their obligations, avoid threats, and exploit new opportunities quickly and effectively.

What’s all this Fuss about Agile?

  • Does your remote team actually stand up during the stand ups?
  • Does your team want to do Agile, but management requires Waterfall?
  • It all begins with why. Does your team know why they practice Agile?
  • People over process — Agile principal Number One.  It will save you tens of thousands of dollars in development costs.

Watch our video explaining these issues that every Agile team encouters.

Teams that embrace an Agile methodology are more productive, produce superior products, and are happier.

Teams that say they practice Agile, but are unclear on the underlying purposes of Agile end up staying busy with the practices, but take longer to release their products, miss opportunities to delight their customers, and are frustrated with the process.

If your business relies on custom apps or software, your bottom line is directly related to how well your team embraces these principals.

At Allied Code, we help teams embrace Agile, produce self organizing teams, reduce their time to market, and enjoy their work.

Ask us about how our 1/2 day Agile Workshop can help your entire busienss grow.


Troy is now our outsourced CTO. It's been great to benefit from Troy's vast knowledge of IT and software, and also his business experience.

Dan Laux

CEO, Driver Alliance

Working with Troy is easy and enjoyable. He has a passion for software, and has proved himself a master at software development.

Joe Michels

CEO, Software Ops LLC

Troy is absolutely trustworthy and extremely competent. In all his dealings, he is always prompt and courteous. I recommend him.

Peter Moriarty

CEO, Prismic Pharmaceuticals

Troy’s business experience adds real value to his work. He always thinks through and troubleshoots projects before they begin.

Mick Rich

Nominee, U.S. Senate



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