Software Development

Custom. On demand. Affordable. Effective. With a “mobile first” approach, we brainstorm, conceive, research, ideate, specify, design, program, document, test, bug fix, maintain and update applications and frameworks. For CTOs, we’re a backup software engineering team. For startups, we’re an affordable outsourced software engineering department that will build your app on a custom leasing agreement. For both growth companies and established companies, we’re a sensible way to obtain high-quality software engineering without wasting dollars on increased overhead. For more details, click here.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Service

How many smart people in your business are focused on keeping up with technology? If the answer is ‘none,’ you’re missing an opportunity to beat your competition. Our CTO service brings you the value of a CTO, without a CTO’s price tag. As a consulting CTO, we advise CEOs of mid-cap companies, fast-growth companies, and startups. We bring C-level strategy to your technology planning and projects. For more details, click here.

Software DevOps

We provide Development Operations (DevOps) services for Ruby on Rails, whether the code was initially developed by our clients’ staff, by us, or by a third party. The result? Cost-efficient, reliable systems, and clients who sleep well at night. For more details, click here.

Tech Team Assessment

Building a high-performance team isn’t easy in any area of your business. But if you aren’t an expert in their area, it’s impossible. We assess the technical, team-building, and leadership skills of each team member. We ensure you have the right people on the bus, and that everyone occupies the right seat. As needed, we train existing team members, and locate and assess new team members.

Architecture Review

Your technology has an operational structure. We refer to it as software architecture. We analyze and assess your software architecture to ensure you have the tools you need, and that the tools are optimized for your business goals.

Security Review

Do you know how much your company relies on software? How about the threat to your operations posed by security breaches to your software? If your company handles and stores customer data – especially in a regulated industry – the legal and financial risk of security breaches increases. We conduct a comprehensive security review of your software systems, access to those systems, and safeguards for those systems. Then we implement or reinforce security protocols and controls.

Mobile First Review

With the trend toward larger phones and more user-friendly interfaces, mobile’s dominance as the preferred platform will continue to grow. What do your analytics tell you about your company website? We review your company’s many “faces to the world” to ensure you look good and function well on mobile. Our comprehensive review results in an action plan to help you make a great mobile first impression.