Generally there are two opinions about outsourcing and hiring a freelance developer or a development shop to do the technical side of the project. Most of the companies or individuals are afraid of horrible experiences they have heard of or read online and extra time needed for communication. However, development shops have a lot of advantages and are very appealing to companies that do not want to hire in-house developers or simply need a development team for a certain project.

Finding the right development shop for your business or project needs might be a very challenging task as there are a number of variables to consider when making the final choice.

In this article, you will find some of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a development shop instead of in-house developers for your next project.

The Main Downsides of Hiring Developers

The main downsides of hiring full-time developers are cost and time. Hiring a developer for a full-time position includes ridiculously expensive health insurance and lots of wasted time in the hiring process that could be spent on developing the product. Finding the right fit is harder than you can imagine, talent pool might be limited and there are many things to consider, experience, mindset, work quality, attitude and many more.

Since demand for skilled developers is rising, finding the right talent may take you away from building your product.

What Are The Development Shop Advantages?

Diversified skills and experience

By hiring a dev shop, you get a wide set of skills and experience in an organized manner that work well together and saves you time and money in the long run. Having the right expertise and knowledge in the team help solve problems faster and ensure that communication is following the plan and vision of the project. While skills and experience are very important, emotional compatibility is a huge factor when talking about the happiness of the employees, that can be expressed in a better product with lower costs.

Allows businesses to focus on business

Hiring a dev shop to do the development work will free you up from doing the tough development part and will allow you to work on the things you are the best at. Whether you are building a mobile or a web app, let the dev shop to do the coding. You can then focus on marketing, sales and growth instead of worrying about development and operations.

Not every development shop is the same, there are shops that focus on certain fields or technologies and you should do your homework to better understand what the dev shop you’re about to hire is focusing on. Ask why their technological choices will benefit your project and make sure they are asking about your business and clients to make sure it is a fit for both parties.

In-house teams cost more money and time

As mentioned above hiring an in-house developer will cost you a lot of money and time. Nonetheless, consider potential office distractions, like familiarization with the organization, coffee breaks, chit chats and other unexpected interruptions that will cause your developer to lose focus and work on certain tasks longer. You can often hire a dev shop on a project basis with a time limit so your costs are fixed and waste is not a worry.

Dev shop offers more flexibility

The most underrated benefit of hiring a dev shop is the possibility to bring in experts on a project basis without committing long term and having to worry about the costs of having an in-house development team. You may really need someone with one skillset now but need someone with a totally different skillset in a few months. This is not just a possibility but very likely.

Dev shops are forced to stay competitive with the newest technologies

Due to incredible competition in the development world, dev shops need to focus on being up to date mastering the newest technologies to stay ahead in the industry. While this sounds obvious, dev shops are forced to stay competitive not only with costs but also with keeping up with the latest technologies in the development sphere. Hiring a dev shop will save from headaches of making sure that your product is going to be developed by the latest technology.


As you can see now, there are many advantages of choosing a dev shop instead of hiring an in-house team for your business. Dev shops take care of hiring top talent, managing team and delivering the product in a professional manner. If you are looking for top developers for your project, check Elbow Room Studios free consultation.