Software DevOps

Ruby on Rails DevOps = Smart Tech Leadership

We provide Development Operations (DevOps) services for iOS and Ruby on Rails, no matter who initially developed the software.

The result? Cost-efficient, reliable systems, and clients who sleep well at night.

To discuss whether Ruby on Rails DevOps services are right for your organization, schedule a free 15-minute consulting call.

Here’s some background on DevOps:

When discussing software, we tend to focus on development: the making of the app, program, or system. But that’s only the start of the software life cycle. Once development is complete, software goes into operation.

Software operations has two main concerns:

  • Administration of the software to meet the demands of the system, and
  • Maintenance of the software to cope with a changing environment

Administration is usually performed by in-house staff. Maintenance, however, is a more technical endeavor, requiring engineering skills akin to those of the original software developers.

Maintenance includes framework updates and software updates:

  • Framework updates ensure that the foundation complies with security best practices and remains viable for future software changes based on new requirements
  • Software updates are performed to respond to changing user requirements and inevitable discovered defects

While the actions appear similar, effective maintenance practices are quite different than software development practices. So if you task developers with maintenance, you probably are over-paying, and you may still be at risk. The solution: software DevOps.