Excellent Work, Happy Clients

Mobile Apps / iOS

Essential Travel Checklist

A native iOS app, Essential Travel Checklist helps travelers get organized via pre-formatted and customizable lists. It’s easy to use on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Courtside Stats

Basketball fans use Courtside Stats to track the stats of their favorite players. It enables real-time entry of stats during games, and provides a summary and details for each game and player throughout the season.

Over 40 Lighted Magnifier

Over40, a native iOS app, has more than half a million paid downloads from the App Store. It helps people with aging eyes and partially sighted individuals navigate life more easily, for example, it magnifies and lights up restaurant menus and checks.


SecureLine is a native iPhone app that provides end-to-end secure communications, including encrypted messaging between users and groups and encrypted voice calling. This app leverages advanced technologies such as background processing of encrypted network communications and encrypted database storage to keep all information secure when in transit as well as at rest.

ScreamScan App

Scream Scan is an iPhone app that enables guests at AZ Scream Park to check in at attractions so they can quickly find photos of their Park experiences.

Over 40 Speed Dial

Over40 Speed Dial is a native iPhone app that makes calling your most important contacts easy at a glance. It lets you store photos of your most important contacts, swipe from one to the next, and tap their photos to dial them.


Statisfy is a social media app that poses its users provocative and interesting questions. We designed and developed the API and back end database, as well as much of the front end, using Amazon Web Services for scalable and high availability site and database hosting.

ComiCon App

This app for Phoenix Comicon lists conference presenters and provides attendees a place to plan and track their activities. We worked with a professional cartoonist to design a custom look and theme

Marketing Websites


This website for a commercial electrical contractor communicates trust, value and authority. We worked closely with the company to develop the website theme, images, copy, and a flow that supports its mission.

Red Mountain Rentals

This marketing website is built on a custom WordPress theme developed specifically for this project.

Arizona Scream Park

This website informs guests of Arizona’s original haunted attraction about current offers and opportunities around the park. Its design reflects the park’s moods and themes.

Phil Smith Design

This website showcases Phil Smith’s successful golf course design and renovation projects. We focused on Phil’s competitive differentiators and superior client service.

Web Applications / Ruby on Rails

Kim Anderson Design

Built using Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap, this portfolio website inspires trust and value for a high-end interior design firm.


Aclipsa is a secure video delivery system that includes an iOS and Android SDK, video uploading, encryption and encoding. The back end is developed in Ruby on Rails and proprietary hardware and software for video encoding and decoding.

CTO Service

Driver Alliance

We helped Driver Alliance move from a stalled and over-budget app development project to fielding a minimally viable product in only 60 days. This app rescue project led to a new round of funding and a steady increase in market geography. We now sit on the board and act as outsourced CTO.